It is troubling to read from a piece of insidious deposition from former minister, Femi Fani Kayode concerning his comments and criticism of His Excellency, Prof Yemi Osinbajo and reasons attributed to it.

Nigerians of all calling and gender hold His Excellency in utmost regards, and unstable and hugely distorted characters like FFK would not be allowed to spew gibberish and to go scot free with such.

In the first instance, it is instructive to note that the Vice President sits in that office to represent Nigerians irrespective of colour, tribe, religion, ethnicity or any affiliation. He has received credit in respect to his fairness and just dealings with all Nigerians of all leanings. Prof Yemi Osinbajo is a Christian by faith and as Vice President, he represents Christians and non Christians in Nigeria.

It is an insult to commonsense for Mr Femi Fani Kayode to claim on Channels TV that he unleashed rounds of baseless and thoughtless criticism on the VP because he failed to protect the “rights of Christians”. This is far from the truth and a deliberately dishonest attempt at being upright.

FFK is not the Chairman of Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN) and he cannot speak for genuine and peace loving Christians in the country.

From his antecedents and precedences, one wonders if he holds true to the values and ideals of Christianity in his conducts in official capacity, societal engagements and political dealings. Such individuals in the mould of Fani Kayode should not be given the room to desecrate the sanity of the society, in this light, the OSM will like to set record straight.

Mr FFK does not have the authority in any sense to address the Vice President in such uncouth and denigrating manner, his present role under the Presidential Campaign Council of the APC or his previous assignments under PDP with no real records of accomplishments not withstanding

OSM ask the APC PCC to call him to order. We want to believe he is not running such errands on behalf of the Council, but in the interest of his relentless pursuits to fill his belly and satisfy his band of unthinking apologists.

The Vice President is busy with the demands of his office engaging local and foreign leaders, marketing Nigeria on the global scale for more prosperity and opportunities for the people. He should be honoured in the spirit of his dutiful engagements and commitment to the cause of ensuring the development of the nation rather that casting puerile aspersions and innuendos on his person.

He is a respected gentleman who Nigerians holds dearly, FFK and his co-travelers should seek caution and face their assigned roles as required of them.

Any further attempt to soil the VP’s name from FFK or his ilks will be treated as an attack on the Presidency of Nigeria and such will not be taken lightly.

We call on all men of honour and integrity to stand for the truth always and stand firm against evil intentioned persons like FFK whose only interests are located in their abdominal cavities and bank accounts.

Mr. Babatunde Adejuwon
Dir. Media and Publicity
11th December, 2022

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