Many Citizens of the world are primed and eager to welcome the year 2023, just like it is with us at Osinbajo Support Movement (OSM).

It is projected to be a year of reflection, celebration and appreciation of how far we have gone from being a group of patriotic hopefuls with collective interest of influencing the political narratives, to one inspired towards establishing a very formidable political front particularly for our principal, His Excellency, Vice President, Prof. Yemi Osinbajo and for the political and democratic emancipation of our country.

The Vice President commends us for our sound and solid engagements in the struggle so far,  he has noted with deep appreciation how honoured he is to have such an amazing team of great people behind him. 

The National Secretariat of the OSM wish to express a deep rooted gratitude to all our committed partners in the political struggle of the country. 

It has been a very long and memorable ride down to this moment. 

As Nigerians and all citizens of the world mark the coming of a new year, we pray that the passion and efforts of all hardworking patriots towards earning a decent living and prosperous future for themselves and the country shall not be in vain.

The OSM also wish to encourage us all to sustain our belief and hope in our beloved country. We must continue to aim and develop as a people driven by patriotism, substance and commitment towards our building a better life for ourselves and our  country. 

The year 2023 is destined to decide political fate of the country and as the most populous and popular African nation, the whole world looks on in anticipation and with bated breath at what will be the outcome of the historic exercise that will take place. It is our responsibility as patriots to engage as we have been doing and play our part in shaping the political future of our country.

We must be guided by those principles that have set our principal apart and given us the credence to walk with our shoulders high. In line with this, character, capacity, capability and competence should drive our engagement and alignment going forward.

Once again, OSM wish every Nigerian, home and in diaspora a glorious end to the year 2022 and a more glorious, rewarding, accomplishments filled and legacy setting 2023. 


Adejuwon Babatunde

National Director, Media and Publicity

Sat, Dec 31st, 2022


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