OSINBAJO: Open Letter To Pastor Bola Bolawole, By Wale Adeduro, Ph.D

Dear Pastor Bola Bolawole,

I personally think the idea and letters of your article titled, Will Osinbajo rue missed opportunities? are beneath your dignified self.

For whatever reason that you choose to celebrate President Bola Ahmed Tinubu, I believe you should have been more circumspect in denigrating the person of PYO.

It is surprising, based on my perception of your standing as a Christian indeed, that you can equate a “tumultuous welcome” to success.

It is pathetic that all you saw is “Osinbajos’s lonely home-coming”. It must be that you were blinded by your disdain for the person of Osinbajo despite his success as a lawyer, academician and a public servant.

Or perhaps your determination to be acknowledged as a BAT acolyte made you to throw decency through the window in condemning Osinbajo for refusing to be a corrupt local champion.

As a long standing editor and writer who I respect so much, I do not expect you to descend to the abyss of “experienced journalists” ignore the time tested dictum, “facts are sacred” because of their desperation to be counted among “The president’s men” because of the lure of bread and butter.

As a Christian and Omoluabi, Osinbajo has demonstrated that it is possible to live a life of simplicity and the courage to be different for good reasons while occupying a public office in Nigeria.

While the local anti-Osinbajo orchestra is busy releasing vitrols against the gentleman, well meaning global leaders are celebrating him as a major activator of good governance, global peace and development.

I urge you, as a journalist, to spend a bit of time to professionally assess Professor Yemi Osinbajo’s 8 years as Nigeria’s Vice President.
You will surely understand what it means to be the light of the world.

I personally believe that PBAT will do very well as an astute leader with a large heart and capacity to excel.

However, I don’t think the small minds and minions around him will serve him well in the long run.

Rather than insult Osinbajo for daring to be different pray and work towards ensuring that PBAT makes the difference that will last forever.

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