Nigerians on the street, in the various neighbourhoods, home and abroad have continued to express delight, confidence and optimism around the person of Prof Yemi Osinbajo for the office of Nigeria President in 2023.

Even when he is yet to declare his extension, the anticipation to see him throw himself into the ring is high and never have seen before. How could Nigerians not? A man that has served diligently, relentlessly and vigorously.

Osinbajo Suppory Movement (OSM) entered the streets of Nigerian community where common men and women resides, the independent minded ones, going by their daily businesses, and sought to hear what they think about the man in town. Some assertively say, he is not an alien, he has been with them for a long time, that he is theirs and they are for him come rain and shine.

The testimonies are obvious, loud and clear. They want Osinbajo in 2023. But why won’t they? These are independent minded patriots who look beyond today, think for themselves, their children and the unborn generation on who is safe to trust their future and that of the nation with, they longed not much to decide, – they strike for Prof Yemi Osinbajo.

They said he has the experience already, the will, the wit, the knowledge, decernment and intelligence to govern well. We could not agree less. Nigerians made bold to affirm an existential truth about the VP, that he is loyal to President Muhammadu Buhari, and he now naturally deserves the opportunity to lead from the top seat. They went further; he is the most qualified amidst his contenders, and he will actually be the best shot for this nation. They make confirmation to his endearing love he has for all Nigerians across all divides, that he love all equally irrespective of tribe, religion and ethnicity, – that, he is welcomed anywhere in the country; North, East, South, West and at any given timing, the ovation is always loud and compassionate. If he shows at night, people will wake and cheer him up, waving their wrapper and duvet.

The voice of the people, is the voice of God. And the world is listening as well.

Nigerians have spoken, they are speaking, and will continue to speak in demand for their choice. They care for their future and what to make of it, and who to make it happen.

Directorate of Media and Publicity,
National Secretariat,
Osinbajo Support Movement.

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