A group loyal to the Vice President of Nigeria, Prof Yemi Osinbajo has debunked the allegations made against the Vice President of Nigeria on the his alleged involvement on the collapse of Ikoyi building, Lagos, Nigeria.

In a statement made available to newsmen in Abuja by its national coordinator, Mr Liberty Olawale Badmus, the release pointed out mischief and heartlessness from desperate political players and desperados.

The statement reads in part:

“Vice President, Prof Yemi Osinbajo is one the very few Nigeria political office holder, who, in 2015 declared his assets publicly. It is heartless and mischievous to lay claims regarding the collapsed Ikoyi building ownership to his person without any form of Investigation or ‘Fact finding’. At a time when panel of investigation is being inaugurated regarding this issue, mischief makers have drawn conclusions and assumptions to discredit personality such as the VP. This is quite embarrassing and shameful of the purveyors of fake news.

Opposition has tried all tactics and ridiculous moves to taint the name, integrity and personality of the VP. These have come in various brands; such as allegations of financial misappropriation, redirecting the contents of his speeches into deviant contexts, creating embers of discord between him and other tribes, ethnicities and religions in the country, and host of others. All these have been met with the strongest resistance possible, but they seem to be ill-motivated by the political popularity and successes of the VP.”

“Prof Osinbajo has been very fair, honest and open in his public endeavours since he resumed office as Nigeria’s Vice President and prior that. A God-fearing man, with untainted public pedigree. His current salary as VP cannot even afford such a building. It clearly points to the fact that Osinbajo is a target for mischievous and unfounded allegations, and they will always fail.”

“It is unfortunate to ignore the fact that the Lagos State Government had earlier passed a “stop work” directive on the collapsed building but the developers and owners went ahead to seek shortcut favours and proceed. Where were the investigative journalists and media stations when all these were happening? Personalities were pictured inspecting the building prior the collapse and they are not linked to ownership. Why should the VP, who definitely has no knowledge of the building or its owners be the sudden victim of emergency ownership or alliance with owners? This is an absolute baseless accusation.”

The group berates the act of unprofessionalism from some sections of the media sponsoring fake news and political motivated reports.

“Sahara Reporters, a known fake news factory who we thought should have learnt from its previous misadventures and embarrassing media outings has come again to tell Nigerians another lie. The report from SR tells the public how hate-driven and unprofessional the Organization is. A media station rooted in blatant lies, fakes news and ill-willed politically motivated media commentaries. This is their history and known identity in the public space.

The energy devoted to sponsorship of fake news should be diverted into worthwhile endeavours, treat the various diseases ravaging the media station and concentrate on learning the rudimentary knowledge of media.”

Osinbajo Support Movement (OSM) stated that the Vice President has no interests in the collapsed building and other buildings whatsoeverin such areas.

“Maybe Ikoyi building and other buildings in Lagos, Abuja or anywhere in and outside Nigeria that is missing in his assets declaration, the VP has no business with them. It is against the principle of commonsense to link the Ikoyi House developer to the VP because his brother has a family member who works in the presidency. Arrogating very false claims of such questions the intelligibility of the claimers.”

“It is heartless for Sahara Reporters and their fake and imaginary sources to play politics at a time when families are mourning the death of their loved ones, and some hospitalised. We’d have expected a collective disposition of humanity, sympathy and respect for the deceased, and not evil plots created to tarnish the immaculate reputation of the VP.”

“Nigerians should focus and be oriented towards truth and the subsequent report of investigation by the enquiry panel. The owner of the building has been arrested, and he definitely won’t spare anyone or details in his confession. Particularly if anyone (high profile or not) is involved in the backdoor approval and affront to direct orders to stop work on the building.”

“OSM asks well-meaning Nigerians to be concerned about the cause of the collapse, sympathy with the deceased family, prayers for the recuperating souls at the hospital and how justice will be served, not distractions with petty allegations borne of failure, envy and desperation.”

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