HAPPY 79TH TO THE GCFR: OSM Felicitates with President Buhari

As President Muhammadu Buhari clock 79 today, we at Osinbajo Support Movement (OSM) feel dutiful to join His Excellency’s immediate family, extended ones, the Progressives, Nigerians home and in the diaspora, and the international governments and communities to identify with the essence and utmost significance of the day.

The spirit and seriousness which Mr President has discharged in service of the country suffice this day, as his birthday meets him in Isntabul, Turkey, giving bilateral prominence for peace, economic development and social welfare of Nigerians and people of the African nations.

OSM identify with His Excellency today and all days. Throwing heavy weights of kudos and encomiums to his person and outstanding leadership in the service of the country.

As the President of Africa’s most populous nation, who rode into office with maximum support and assent from his people. The champion of anti-corruption crusade, transparency in government, initiator of highest social investment package in Africa, father of infrastructure and very brilliant and coordinated response to economic challenges(despite recession, COVID-19 surge, etc), yet, keeping Nigeria as the Africa’s biggest economy plus offers of foreign investment and partnership are all commendable and worthy of his leadership character and commitment to development.

Despite security and all other challenges, this President has remain committed to surmount all, rekindle the hope of Nigerians by exerting seriousness and honest devotion to make all safe.

President Muhammadu Buhari has also enjoyed a very good relationship with his dependable companion, his vice, Prof Yemi Osinbajo, – who has partnered in the task of building the nation from abyss to an environment of profound depth of peace and manifesting developments.

As His Excellency threads forward in the task of building more and better, we wish him sound health in service of Nigerians, uncommon wisdom and strength and long life.

We do believe it is of importance to him to be interested in his line of succession. President Muhammadu Buhari should consider releasing the baton of leadership to his right-hand man, Prof Yemi Osinbajo who he has worked with for years, that he hold true attestation of his capabilities to lead.

Many Happy Returns to His Excellency.

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