A New Tribe, A New Nigeria

“It is my respected view that to build a new Nigeria, we need a new tribe; one tribe of men and women of all faiths, of all tribes, of all ethnicities committed to a country run on high values; high values of integrity, of hard work, of justice and of love of country.” ~ Prof Oluyemi Osinbajo, Vice President, Federal Republic of Nigeria
The New Tribe is a collective of Nigerians, a movement by Nigerians, motivated by the conviction and belief that to build a new Nigeria, we need to build a new tribe of Nigerians. “A tribe of men and women who are prepared to make the sacrifices and exercise the self-constraint that is crucial for building a healthy society and who are prepared to stick together to fight injustice; to fight corruption; to insist on the rule of law; even when our friends are the receiving end… a tribe consisting of professionals, of businessmen, of politicians, of students, of religious leaders and all who believe that a new Nigeria is possible.’’

Indeed, Nigeria has been calling for a new tribe since independence. Nigeria has been calling for the birth of a new tribe of Nigerians who will rise above the differences to embrace our commonalities. We believe that Nigeria has been yearning for a new tribe which would rise beyond the proclivities and limitations of different tongues and tribes to become a new tribe indeed, a new tribe that knows neither tribe nor religion.

A new tribe that does not pull one down, on account of differences in tribe, tongue or religion, but embraces each and every one, irrespective of tribe, knowing that we are all one tribe under God. A new tribe that cares for the man at the top, just as it cares for the downtrodden.

We believe that the time for the new tribe has come. We believe that the new tribe is here to lead the march for building a new Nigeria and that this moment calls upon us to rise to the occasion. We believe that there is something auspicious about this moment and that it is one that we must seize to birth a new tribe and a new Nigeria.

The task of The New Tribe is to mobilise and galvanise millions of Nigerians to see the moment for what it is and rise to the occasion to make the right choice. We believe that majority of Nigerians have been yearning for the birth of this new Nigeria and all that they desire is for a leadership to stir them in the right direction. We believe that such a leadership is possible and available.

Our task, therefore , is to join hands together as a group to inspire hope and belief in Nigerians that this new Nigeria is possible. Our charge is to inspire hope in Nigerians and encourage everyone to come together as one, as a new tribe, to birth a new Nigeria.

Our vision is that of a new Nigeria, a new tribe governed by the can-do spirit and a new ethos founded around the values of Integrity, hard work, justice, accountability, unity, sacrifice, patriotism, love for the people and country and a sense of community.

We believe that innovation is at the core of progress and development and that Nigeria already has in place a new crop of innovative and entrepreneurial young minds who are charting the course to the future with their inventions and solutions.

The New Tribe believes that the energy and creativity required for national transformation already abounds among our youth and that the right leadership at the national level only needs to plug in to see to the actualisation of the promise that Nigeria is.

The New Tribe believes that the moment speaks to certain values and strengths that we must demand of a new leadership in Nigeria, for the sake of the future. We believe that our dreams, desires and vision for a new Nigeria find expression in one man.

We believe that the moment speaks to the choice of a leader, who transcends the pull and differences along tribes and tongues, one who embodies the vision and values of the new tribe that knows no tribe or tongue.

We believe that Nigeria needs a man who truly understands the times, one who speaks the language of the moment and the future. We believe that the moment has a man in mind and that this man has been prepared for the moment and the task at hand.

We are convinced that there are millions of Nigerians who are ready to join hands with The New Tribe in birthing a new Nigeria.

The New Tribe is committed to doing all it can to deepen and spread the message of hope and rebirth across the length and breadth of the country.

We are counting on a collective effort on the part of a new tribe of Nigerians to ensure that come 2023, Nigeria has a leader who is not only well-grounded and adequately prepared but one with the right character and temperament, motivated by love for Nigerians and Nigeria to launch a new tribe of Nigerians into the future.

We believe that this moment calls for a new way of thinking, a new leadership corps, a new tribe and a new Nigeria.

We are the New Tribe, yearning, prepared and ready to deliver a new Nigeria.

We believe that the new tribe has been prepared for this moment as enablers of the birth of a new Nigeria.

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